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Step one: Using a smart phone to install scanning code software, such as "wochacha", "Win on Quick Code” etc.
Step two: Open the scanning code software against the QR code, then you can get an interlinkage.
Step three: open the link, and then enter kashilan Mobile Phone Official Website.

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Our customers, our friends.
Our products are sold to USA, France, Poland,
Germany, Brazil and Chile and so on.

Here are some of our

faith customers'
heart words

KARL MAYER Textronic Lace machine

High-grade lacing machine, produce the high-level lace fabric

The KARL MAYER Textronic Lace machine is imported from Germany.
T he lace advantages produced by KARL MAYER Textronic Lace machine :

Fine three-dimensional Dense mesh fabric Stable repeat Low defective High bursting resistance

Advanced twisting procedures

Unmatched twisting procedures create unmatched quality

We take our outsourced lace materials, put them on the twisting machine , twist three yarns into one and finally wind them together using a bobbin winder. The twisted yarns are then fed into the lace machine. The processed yarns are much stronger, the cloth covers are denser, finer, three dimensional, perspiration-resistant, durable and most importantly, comfortable .

High quality

The comparison of high quality lace and normal lace

high quality lace
  • Strong three-dimensional
  • Dense fabric
normal lace
  • Weak three-dimensional
  • Not dense fabric

The spandex is produced by DuPond Company.


free of jamming
high elastic stretch and recovery
good moisture absorption
rot resistance


The environmentally friendly lace comes from the environmentally friendly dye

are lively, active and unharmed by the dye.

Our dyes are all imported from the American Huntsman Company. The color fastness reaches to international standard. They are environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm or irritation to your skin. (For example: carcinoma.)

SGS Dye Report:
Strong bursting resistance

For the dense mesh fabric and high quality raw materials, the bursting resistance is very strong.

Here is the lace from CASLAND. As you can see, the lace remained intact after being pulled strongly. It shows that CASLAND laces are tough and bursting resistant .

Finished laces show
Excellent design team

Excellent design team

creates classic
and stylish designs

We have our own design team, designers
and art directors and can independently
design, research to make them classic as
well as stylish.

Excellent production team

Excellent production team
creates high production capacity

We own the advanced and strict management, and the
first-class production team. You don’t need to worry
about the quality of your goods produced here.

Strict quality control

Excellent inspection team
creates high-level quality

We have a excellent quality control team so that our
quality is guaranteed. We follow the strict quality control
process before delivery.

  • The inspection during weaving . Check whether the yarn is broken, whether the raw material is right and whether the needle is deflected etc.
  • The inspection to the grey fabric . Check whether there is any oil stain, broken hole, missing yarn or yarn deflected etc.
  • The inspection to the color fastness after fabric dyed .
  • The inspection to the finished fabric . Check there is color difference, dimension difference, or yarn snagged etc. We inspect the dimension difference by hand to assure the dimension accurate.
  • The inspection to the lace trimming . Check whether the edges are neat, whether the width is right and whether there is any burr or the edge is broken.
  • The lace rolling and packing.
Other products
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  • Sexy red silicone bra
  • Dark blue floral lace panty
  • Flower pattern silicone nipple cover
  • Invisible panty self adhesive
  • Purple floral lace panty
  • White floral lace bra
  • Purple lace bra
  • Skin  lace bra
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  • Latest trace-less bra
  • Black lace shapewear
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